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Click here to find your lawmaker. Then, use this script to make a quick phone call and urge them to vote for the issues that matter to Floridians!
Hello! My name is ________ and I am a resident of [CITY/DISTRICT]. I am calling to speak with [NAME OF LAWMAKER] about [ISSUE YOU CARE ABOUT].

You might be connected to the lawmaker or a member of their staff.

I am concerned about [ISSUE] because ____________.

Choose one or more issues, and be sure to talk about your direct experiences. How has this impacted you at a personal or neighborhood level? If they recently voted on a related issue, mention whether that helped or hurt you. Show how impactful their vote can be!

It is important to me that you vote on the side of the Floridians who voted for you. We are trusting you and the other members to support fair opportunities for our communities and help Floridians lead the nation in our response to the climate crisis.

Please [SUPPORT/OPPOSE] policy to address [ISSUE YOU CARE ABOUT] during the legislative session next Spring.

Spread the word

Download our printable corporate bucks to share the scorecard with your friends, neighbors, and elected officials. Drop them off at the Capitol in Tallahassee or around your local community!
Art by Elise Fernandez