Florida lawmakers are meeting now! Take action to demand courage and people-centered solutions.

What's at stake this year?

A buffer to protect the Everglades from overdevelopment
Weak oversight of dirty energy projects and pipelines
Prohibiting local policy for more resilient buildings, home energy improvements, or clean vehicles
A state power-grab on local efforts to improve water quality, control pollution, and protect wetlands
Fast-tracking construction projects that use a cancer-causing waste product
Higher bills every time a bigger company buys a small water utility
Making local electric utilities more susceptible to takeover by large companies
A heat safety program for outdoor workers
A state-wide renewable energy plan
Fairness and equity for those most impacted by our clean energy transition
Public school investments in solar and storage to be prepared for hurricanes

Call your lawmaker

By joining together, we can rewrite the rules to limit the influence of greedy corporations, so that every family has what we need to get and stay well.

With people-powered solutions, Florida can be a place where everyone can thrive, with high-quality jobs, clean air on every block, and affordable clean electricity in every home.

Legislative committees are meeting now. Leadership needs to hear from you!

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Download our printable corporate bucks to share the scorecard with your friends, neighbors, and elected officials. Drop them off at the Capitol in Tallahassee or around your local community!
Printable corporate bucks
Art by Elise Fernandez