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Follow the Money Trail

Floridians across the state deserve opportunities to thrive and protection from threats. But, large corporations have made Florida home to the “best legislature money can buy.” These powerful companies and people pour money into our political process.

Why? To make sure that their profits are prioritized over our well-being.

During the 2020 campaign cycle, the parent companies* of some of the greediest utility companies pumped over $9.2 MILLION into Florida legislative races. For perspective, that same amount of money could have been used to forgive the debt of nearly 90 THOUSAND electricity customers. Instead, Florida Power & Light customers, for example, were disadvantaged by weaker protections and more shut-offs than residents of other states throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (Center for Biological Diversity, 2021).

In 2021, those same corporations funneled over $7.7 MILLION to Florida legislative races. And, during the 2022 elections, Florida utilities spent over $16.9 MILLION on campaigns to secure political influence (Florida Division of Elections, Campaign Finance Database).

Click here to read about how utility companies diminish residents’ political power by coordinating dark money schemes.

When our elected leaders prioritize their corporate donors’ wishes over our well-being, the people of Florida can't achieve our shared vision for a bright future. We face record-breaking price increases on our utilities while the regulators (who should be looking out for us) look the other way. We face planet-warming pollution and extreme heat which hurt our children’s health, while our state lawmakers choose divisive politics over people-centered solutions. We face an unaddressed affordability crisis, and it’s often up to communities to manage the most severe consequences of climate change. This harms all of us, and the worst impacts are concentrated in under-resourced, racial and ethnic minority, rural, and low-wealth communities.

Floridians know that back-door deals and flashy distractions are anything but leadership. Lawmakers cannot side with self-serving corporations and their constituents at the same time.

When we come together and make our priorities known, Floridians change the game. Click here to read about the bills we’ve championed, the harmful bills we’ve stopped, and how we generate scores.

*NextEra Energy is the parent company of Florida Power & Light, Gulf Power, and Florida City Gas. Emera is the parent company of Tampa Electric Company and Peoples Gas.
Art by Elise Fernandez